Ceiling fans for dairy farms

Ceiling fans for dairy farms

The role of ceiling fans in creating a microclimate on dairy farms

The main purpose of ceiling fans is to mix the masses of air in the room. Without ventilation, the air masses "do not move", forming stagnant zones due to which the composition and temperature of the air will be heterogeneous and vary in the room depending on the zones and height of the building ceilings. Ceiling fans like a mixer mix the masses of air, aligning its composition and temperature throughout the room.

Ceiling fans on dairy farm

Ceiling fans have a limited range of action, which depends on the length of the blades. Therefore, efficient positioning of the ceiling fans in the barn implies the use of several fans which are installed in parallel above the feed tables or in a row above the centre passage. This will be effective in the off-season/winter period as a solution to the problems of high humidity and dirty rooms. During the warm season, installing several ceiling fans above the centre aisle will be enough to make the air feel cool even in the middle of the farmhouse.

Разгонная вентиляция в помещении фермы

Ceiling ventilation - a replacement for overclocking ventilation?

As we already know from the article on accelerated ventilation, cattle have a poor tolerance for high temperatures and in order to solve the heat stress problem in cattle it is necessary to create an effective air exchange near the animals. Will a ceiling fan be able to perform this role? 

Let's get this sorted out. The ceiling fan does not bring fresh air into the farm, but mixes the used air, thus in no way affecting the air exchange. Therefore, the ceiling ventilation system will not be effective without combined solutions.

We recommend placing ceiling fans along the central aisle to mix the air in the most problematic area of the cowshed - the centre, and installing dispersion fans in the housing area to facilitate heat transfer and combat heat stress. This combined solution will make the ventilation system really effective at any time of year!

In conclusion, it should be noted that ceiling ventilation is a relatively expensive solution and due to its high cost this type of fans is not as popular for use on cattle farms as overclocking fans. We do not deny their effectiveness in their intended purpose - the air in the places of ceiling fans installation is really "cleaner" and the use of ceiling fans implies low energy costs. But these fans are not a "panacea" when creating a microclimate, so we recommend them to be considered only as one of the tools in the combined system of microclimate creation in your room.

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